Download Sinhala Fonts
to browse Silumina online

Dear reader,

We feel happy to convey you the message
that Lake House publishes its sinhala online editions
in the “font format”.

This new version is a technical update.

If you have any problem with this new font version,

please give us the opportunity to
solve your browsing problems.


You are kindly requested to follow
the instructions given below.

This is only a one-time installation.

Hence, please follow.


1. You need Windows XP service pack 2
to better view of “New Sinhala font version”
(If you have
XP service pack 2, please go to the 3rd step)
(If you use Windows 98 please go to the 9th step)

If you do not have Windows XP service pack 2, you can download it from Microsoft website.
Please download it here - Windows XP service pack 2 

2. Then you need Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) But,
Windows XP service pack 2 already has IE6.
3. The third step is to download “Sinhala pack” (6.1MB)
This pack includes everything needed to use Sinhala on Windows XP
Please download it here - “Sinhala pack”
4. Then unzip the “Sinhala pack” File.
5. Run the “Setup.exe”
6. Now, check whether the "Malithiweb" font is available in your computer.
(Go to "c:/windows/fonts/" folder and check)
This font gets installed when you run the above "setup.exe"
7. If the "Malithiweb" is not available,
Please download it from here - "Malithiweb"

8. That's all and you are through !!!
9. But if you are using Windows 98, still you may browse with unicode fonts.
Please install Internet Explorer 6 (IE6)
Download it from here - Internet Explorer 6 

Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 is recommended for systems running versions of Windows prior to Windows XP

10. Then go to step 7 & get "Malithiweb" Font.

If you find any difficulty in going through the above steps,

Please do not hesitate to write back to us.


Web [email protected]


We are always at your web service.

Wish you good luck !

Bye for now.

Web Manager